I started taking photos in 2013 with capturing my little daughter’s photograph. Then I discovered my deep interest about photography day by day, as I think about improving my skills. I decided to join at Pathshala on March 2013 and completed Basic and Foundation course on Photography.

At the early stage I liked to shoot Travel or Life Style but from January 2014 I started taking Street Photography very seriously. I evaluate my work as a unique composite of complex layers, emotions and precious moments of the people of Dhaka city.




Finalist in the Miami Street Photography Festival 2015
Featured in Art Photo Feature (APF) Street Photography Magazine Website
Featured in 121Clicks

Interview in Art Photo Feature (APF) Street Photography Magazine (Issue 25)
Featured in Street Rythms Magazine
APF inspiration award VII, Fill the frame
Interview in Inspired Eye Magazine (Issue 32)
Featured in Raghu Rai’s Magazine CREATIVE IMAGE (Volume 1 Issue 4)
Finalist 2016 Street Foto San Francisco
Featured in World Street Photography Book 3